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Who we are

We provide transparent solutions

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, headquartered in Irvine, California is a fully integrated Forex and Cryptocurrency technology provider that delivers turnkey trading solutions for FX Brokers, ECN Venues. Liquidity Providers and Crypto Exchanges. Match–Trade has combined together state-of-the-art software and hardware components of matching engine technology that enables Brokers, Exchanges and LPs to participate in the new generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN Forex or Cryptocurrency market.

We help your business grow

We exist to help Forex brokers run their business and make it more profitable. Our products are designed to make FX market more open, transparent, distributed and exchange-like. Our Broker Support department provides 24/6 dedicated technical support and advisory to our clients facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers. We also take care of hosting and administration to ensure the highest performance and stability of our clients’ FX infrastructure.

Our Management Team

Michael Karczewski

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Dankowski

Chief Business Development Officer

Arek Dankowski

Chief Information Officer

Karol Rychlicki

Chief Crypto Solutions Officer

Jacek Czarniawski

Head of Product Development

Mariusz Krysiak

Head of Dealing and Broker Support

Katarzyna Zielińska

Head of Marketing

Michael Nichols

Head of Sales

Steve Kwon

Head of South Korea

Vinay Hegde

Head of South Asia

Nizwan S. N. Halimi

Head of South-East Asia

Svetlana Kulikova

Head of Cyprus

Przemysław Wojtyna

Business Development Manager

Sargis Manukyan

Head of Broker Solutions

Stalo Kouali

Sales Account Manager

Nicolas Bellanza

Sales Account Manager