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Devexperts Integrates DXtrade Platform with Match-Trade Technologies Liquidity Pool

Devexperts, a software provider for the capital markets industry and the creator of the DXtrade trading platform, has integrated DXtrade with Match-Trade Technologies liquidity pool to expand the range of liquidity solutions available for brokers looking for out-of-the-box solutions.  DXtrade is a multi-asset platform, available for brokers as a SaaS. In addition to Forex, it […]

How does increased volatility of the markets affect the brokerage business?

The dynamic development of the global economy and the subsequent civilization progress are periodically interrupted by crises that lead to a significant slowdown in economic growth. Regardless of whether the crisis is caused by financial institutions (Subprime mortgage crisis), epidemics (Coronavirus) or new war threat (Iran and US tensions) –  it causes an immediate reaction […]

LeapRate: Match-Trade’s management discusses Forex market and upcoming trends

LeapRate Exclusive… Michael Karczewski, Chief Operating Officer and Christopher Dankowski, Chief Business Development Officer at Match-Trade Technologies, join Leaprate today to talk about how Forex market has changed during last year and what are the upcoming trends.  1. There was a lot of turmoil on the Forex market last year, what do you think has […]

All you need to know to become a Liquidity Provider

Many companies that have been operating in the Forex market for a long time, at some point start considering expanding their business and becoming a Liquidity Provider. Most often they are medium or large currency brokers but also technology providers and experienced business specialists cooperating with large Liquidity Providers. They have either experience or a […]

Finance Magnates Report: How cryptocurrency liquidity evolved and where it’s heading?

Michael Karczewski’s expert view on the importance of market making on cryptocurrency exchanges in the Finance Magnates Intelligence Report Q1 2019 “One of our main advantages is that we are able to provide liquidity also on local currency crosses such as BTCAUD, CTCCAD, BTCPLN, which is very often a big challenge for the exchanges to […]

Role of Market Makers on cryptocurrency exchanges

Although the “market makers” (market making services) have been present for a long time in the world of financial trading (like forex, stocks or futures) only recently they have gained a well-deserved rank. Their importance is irrefutable as they are an integral part of the financial ecosystem bringing structure and flow to the trading activity. […]

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