Support services for Forex Brokers

Match-Trade provides a wide range of services, essential to start and develop a viable FX or Crypto company:

  • Company Formation
    • We have successfully built a network of agents around the world, who can help you establish a new company in the desired jurisdiction. They will advise you regarding the most suitable solutions in terms of time, cost and usability. Our partners can also assist you with obtaining a Forex or Crypto license in Europe, Asia or Africa to conduct your business according to all legal requirements.
  • Professional website
    • As an FX Broker, you will operate in a digital environment, so in addition to the trading platform itself, you also need a professional website. We offer a ready-made branded website to build your Broker’s image and increase the conversions for opening trading accounts by integrated registration forms and Client Office. We can also provide professional marketing materials for Match-Trader or MT4/MT5  trading platforms.
  • Payment Solutions
    • Currently, regulations for FX and Crypto companies became very strict. Many startup brokers face severe problems with opening a bank account or merchant account with popular payment providers. By using our network of agents and advisors you will be able to reach all possible options, which are available for FX brokers or crypto companies. Besides that, we can also provide you with crypto payment solutions operated by Match2Pay UAB, which were developed by our company.
  • Consulting Services
    • Most of the new FX brokers or Cryptocurrency companies lack experience in some areas which concern conducting this specific type of business. Therefore we offer for all our clients needed business expertise and advisory services regarding legal issues, risk management, sales strategy, technology and any other, which is needed.
  • MT4/MT5 Hosting and IT Server Maintenance
    • Many brokers host their servers on their own premises and they hire dedicated IT staff, to conduct daily maintenance. In order to optimize costs, we provide a service, which allows brokers to pass the support and hosting for their MT4/MT5 servers to our company. Servers are connected to a 24/7 monitoring system, which checks all important parameters of the server and sends automatic email notifications in case of any problem. We also take care of all MT4 / MT5 updates, restarts and related issues.

  • MT4/MT5 Trading Server Support
    • Some of our clients, who own their MT4/MT5 servers face problems with trading related issues such as instrument and groups configuration, data feed connectivity, latency arbitrage trading and dealing with client claims. Our dedicated support team can help you handle all these tasks, which usually requires adequate knowledge and trading experience.

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