PAMM / MAM solution for Forex Brokers

Benefits of PAMM / MAM solution

Offer more flexibility in managing funds and attract more traders. Let the clients who don’t want to trade on their own entrust their trading accounts to a money manager and follow a trading strategy with chosen risk. 

What is PAMM/MAM

PAMM / MAM are managed account services, the most popular system to automate trading. PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) means that the allocation of transaction volumes between all the investors is proportional and usually based on the investor’s balance or equity. MAM (Multi-Account Management) is a derivative of the PAMM system but the allocation of trades between master and investors’ accounts doesn’t have to be proportional. Each investor can select the risk he wants to take and the leverage he wants to have on his account, meaning that trades can be copied with different multipliers.

Help your clients choose the right money manager by allowing them to:

  • verify the historical performance of money managers (or signal providers)
  • check and compare different masters’ ROI indicators
  • attach to and detach from the master’s account 
  • track and control their own trading account profitability

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